Why Choose Friend of the Family?

  • Convenience: “One-stop service”
  • Reliability: 10 Years in business, 1200 clients, and a 4.9/5 customer satisfaction rating
  • No Surprises: Budget changes are made only with client approval
  • Less Stress: Proven organizing systems to conquer the chaos
  • Peace of Mind: The end result from a move made easy
  • Professional: Well trained and educated staff
  • Compassionate: Understanding and patient with client’s needs


. . . to Friend of the Family, LLC, a full-service relocation company in Littleton, Colorado that helps seniors, individuals and families move and settle into their new home and lives.

Moving can sometimes leave even the savviest of people confused and stressed. Friend of the Family 
soothes that stress by taking care of all the details for you. We do everything from sorting your belongings and hiring your movers to designing your next space, unpacking, and organizing your items.

Watch Anne McMahon describe the job of a relocation specialist.

To learn more About Us and the Services we provide, Contact us today!

We specialize in assisting seniors and their families!

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