Asset Distribution

  • We Will Make Sure Your Precious Belongings and Family Heirlooms Find The Best Home

    You have acquired many precious belongings and family heirlooms and now it's time to downsize or move.  Your Friend of the Family Relocation Project Manager can help you with the distribution of your assets to family and charitable organizations.  We can also help you sell items or organize an estate sale.
  • Asset Ditribution Plan

    Your Friend of the Family Project Manager will handle all of the details to organize, itemize and distribute the items that you are not taking with you to your new home. 

    We will make sure that your precious family heirlooms are passed on to be enjoyed by future generations.

  • Fair Split Software Specialists

    Fair Split is our software program that allows your family members to select the items that are important to them.

    Your Friend of the Family Project Manager will photograph and post to our system for private viewing,

  • Concierge Service

    Your Friend of the Family Project Manager can you help you manage your household anytime.  We will meet with you once per month to evaluate your household needs and provide oversight and service provider management.  We can help you with the following and much more:

    • Home Cleaning 
    • Handyman
    • Yard Maintenance
    • Bill Paying
    • Shopping
    • Transportation
    • Pet Care
    • Holiday Shopping, decorating and Gift Wrapping