Four Top Reasons Why Seniors Need To Move


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One phenomenon that’s becoming more common is the idea of aging in place, opting to try and grow older in the same house that you already own versus moving to a senior living comunity. The appeal of this is fairly obvious, seeing how people get attached to the homes that they make memories and raise a family in, but the truth is that this isn’t always preferable or even enjoyable. Here are some common reasons why seniors either opt to move to assisted living or just another type of home.

Expenses: Running a home can be expensive for a variety of reasons. First, there are the different investments you need to make in terms of upkeep and repairs, but there are many other things to consider, too. For example, the quality of the local school system is a major contributor to property taxes. However, if your children are already grown, you’re not really reaping the benefits of where those taxes are going. As a result, it may make sense to relocate to an area where it’s cheaper to live, especially if you are living on a fixed income. 

Work/time costs: In the same breath as the costs of keeping a home, we should talk about the time toll of running a home. Keeping a home clean and functioning requires a lot of time and effort, and some seniors may be trying to do it with fewer people to help than they had in the past. This can be difficult for anyone to manage at any age, so it may make sense to move to a smaller place that’s not as hard to maintain, or an apartment setting where a lot of these issues are included in your rent.

Proximity: One thing that’s essential for many seniors is having a support system, whether it’s children, extended family, or friends. There are going to be certain tasks that are difficult to do as you get older, particularly if you have any existing conditions. Moving to a place that’s near this support system makes it easier to get the help you need.

Security/Safety: Sometimes, a neighborhood can change over time. If you’re growing older and are encountering these issues, a well-timed move can give you extended peace of mind. There’s another side to this equation, too. For example, some home formats by nature have more fall or trip hazards when trying to get around. It may not be a bad idea to relocate to a home where this is less of an issue, so it’s easier to age in place if you wish.

Struggling with some of the logistical aspects of a move, but need more than your family or loved ones can provide? There are several services out there specifically designed to help seniors with their moving needs. At Friend Of The Family, we provide a suite of options to help make the process of moving preparation less difficult and stressful. For seniors, we can help with both the physical and emotional load of having to leave a place you’ve become accustomed to over the years.