How To Downsize Effectively Before A Move

how to downsize before a move

When it comes to common reasons why people decide to move, downsizing is often one of them. For seniors who may no longer need a larger home for children, it means less energy and stress working to upkeep the property. For families, it may mean a chance to save some extra money on maintenance or property taxes.

While there are plenty of reasons to downsize, there are some trade-offs. Namely, what to do with all your excess items and gear. Even if you’re moving to a similar-sized home, a move is a great chance to get rid of unneeded clutter.

To start, let’s talk about some of the larger pieces, like furniture or dressers. In some cases, you may be able to bring one or two of these to your new home, but not all. To know exactly the amount of space you have, it’s a good idea to measure the dimensions of your large items and figure out how many can carry over. In some cases, you may be able to keep one sofa but will have to donate the other.

For smaller items, the concern isn’t so much space, but usefulness. Even the most dedicated homeowner is probably going to amass a lot of items they don’t need, so when going through things like kitchenware, electronics, or tools, it’s a good idea to try and rank things based on how frequently they are used. If you haven’t used one of these items in over a year, there’s a solid chance you don’t really need it. There will be exceptions, though, like certain premium items or gear that are used seasonally. Use your discretion about what’s really worth holding on to and what you can unload. If you have time, consider finding local charities where you can donate unneeded items.

However, some people who mean well in downsizing may end up going too far, especially when it comes to items with little practical value but a lot of sentimental value. For things like photographs or keepsakes, it may be worth keeping these in your space budget rather than parting with the memories.

If you simply have too many of them to keep, though, there are alternatives. For example, you may want to re-home some of these items with friends or family that have more space to work with, and also understand their significance. This is especially important for larger heirlooms. For smaller items, it may be possible to digitize them, like photos and documents.

If you find that you’re still struggling with the logistics of downsizing prior to a move, it may be a good idea to get a third party to help with some of the work. At Friend Of The Family, we can provide a suite of services to help you cut down on clutter and unneeded items. This includes helping families, individuals, and seniors with organization as well as asset distribution to take a lot of the legwork and difficult decisions out of a move.